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Want to bring Athletes As Leaders to your community?   

A violence prevention advocate can partner with a school or athletic organization to implement the program.  Advocates provide training, support & coordination for program implementation. 

  1. What is the connection to sexual assault prevention? Read Background Information.

  2. How do I get started? Everything advocates need to know is in our step-by-step Implementation Guide and the Training for Advocates.

  3. Everyone plays a role in prevention! In an all-gender setting, it is important for ALL genders to participate in a violence prevention program. In conjunction with Athletes As Leaders, we recommend implementing a program with intentional efforts to engage men & boys' teams, such as CBIM.

  4. The school or athletic organization also has an important role in prevention. Our Recommended Policies will help you get started.

  5. Pre-Season:  Recruit mentors to facilitate the program. Find a good fit. Offer training for mentors.

  6. Pre-Season:  Offer training for coaches (see Information for Coaches and Season Planning Form).   Send home Parent Letter to the parents & caregivers of athletes.

  7. Help mentors administer the Pre-Survey with Athletes.

  8. During the Season:  Support mentors while they are facilitating The Program.

  9. End of the Season:   Help mentors administer the Post Survey with athletes.  

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